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Noah’s Ark and the 2013 Comet.

A comet strike is coming in 2013. The resulting disaster will be a flood caused by a tsunami. Most of earth’s population will be destroyed!

Many people have already made the connection between the Noah story and UFO visitation. It would seem absurd that one bronze age man and his sons could gather all the life forms; some aquatic, microscopic, or polar separated by continents and oceans, with no refrigeration or food spoilage prevention, for all the needed food and habitat.






The obvious answer is that Noah did not do it alone. The bible speaks of no ocean going craft. However, it does speak of angles from the sky. These angles, can only mean that there was extra terrestrial help provided to Noah.




This is not the first time UFO’s are mentioned in the sacred text. In the book of Genesis, a revolving sword drives Adam and Eve from Eden. In the book of Ezekiel, there is a full account of an encounter between the prophet and an alien craft. The prophet describes it in great detail.







So as the final doom of the 2013 comet draws near. The people of earth, who are tuned in to the earth’s spiritual Chi, will soon learn that they like Noah before, them must give up their selfishness. Join the prayer circles and begin to divest themselves of the sickness of this society. All material wealth will be useless on the post comet earth. Jesus has already been seen walking the earth, to prepare souls. Only those who have picked up on the vibrations created within the spiritual vortex will be saved.








If you form the circles of twelve, and have no greed or malice in your heart, you will be spared. The book of Phillip Amon 1:5 that many have heeded the word. Those who form the circle will be spared apocalypse. Noah and his sons were in the vortex, and so the earlier natural disaster, (also a comet strike and tsunami flood) did not affect him.







As for the rest, millions will soon die in desperate anonymity. So take comfort to know that you have saved yourself and your loved ones.







Dr Elroy Hibbard.

End of the World Comet

This is it. This is the end! God has prepared his judgment of humankind in the form of the 2013 Comet.






Often referred to as Wormwood Star, this comet is the final sign of the end, Rev 8-10. The bible tells us there will be no comfort, and no hiding place on earth. It is a good time to panic and it is also time to prepare!

The bible is not the only credible source. The Mayan calendar has predicted the end if time. People have questioned the accuracy of the date. It is our calendar however, that is questionable. Adjusting for western time, issues like leap years, daylight savings etc…, and the secondary inaccuracies of even the atomic clock. The Mayan calendar may be out of sync with industrial age time by as much as months.







The Rig-Veda, speaks about Agni the chaos star. This signals a turbulent time in our solar system, which coincides with the other prophecies.







The science is in on this. NASA has said the 2013 comet will pass within the inner solar system.


Coinciding with both science and prophecies is a greater time of spiritual awareness. Wars and the economy are a sign of these impending changes. Psychic and verifiable UFO sightings are on the rise. God has given these disparate groups an incomplete celestial glimpse into the future.







Regardless of your religious bent, there will likely be a rapture. It may be a physical rapture as the alien vessels could be the ones that decide whom they can take and who is left behind.





You can try and weather the storm in the best way money can buy, however you will not likely prevail.





The best choice is to join the coming circles of twelve. Twelve is a holy number, it has universal significance. Thirteen is universally negative. This is why 2012 is not the year but 2013 is. The year divided by the expected trajectory of the comet 3.0225 Rt. Ascension, is the number of the beast 666.




The only solution is to join the circles of twelve, and hope for rapture.









Enjoy the future wherever it leads you.

Elroy Hibbard.

The Devil Went Down To Wisconsin.

Paul Ryan has apparently risen from his coffin to bask in the sunlight of his new VP role.

We all should remember Congressman Paul Ryan from his special budget. This budget would have privatized Social Security, replaced Medicare with a coupon, provided vast endowments for the military, and provided more public funds to bail out private Wall Street losses. In short, Ryan is a bought and paid for charlatan. His main purpose is to represent the wealthy special interests that make up his constituency. Ryan’s constituents include, the Koch brothers, NRA, AIPAC, Goldman Sachs, ADM, Monsanto, the defense industry, ETC… Not, it should be noted, any of the people of Wisconsin or the U.S. who make under a million a year!

In the last 30 years, billions in public dollars were transferred to private hands. The average U.S. wage has remained static, while banker’s wealth has quadrupled and American jobs are sent to China, to take advantage of near slave wages. Now Ryan and his puppet Romney want to eliminate the middle class altogether and concentrate wealth into a hereditary few. They wear the trappings of a free market, but could not be more opposed to a true free market if they were hardened Stalinists. So once again from the home of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, the John Birch Society and the job killing Scott Walker, a new devil emerges and is set upon the least of us Americans.

If elected, many people who now struggle will become beggars. These people want Americans on their knees, poor and grateful for whatever scraps they cast our way. This nation has struggled too long to let these social elites dip their fingers into what remaining public treasury we have left.


El Burro


Turn on the t.v. and you’re sure to see some news about some celebrity fighting for some cause. Save the dolphins, going “green”, fighting a disease, exposing Wall Street, etc. With the internet, more and more people have found their cause to be passionate about faster then ever before. Every day someone you know posts something about some cause asking you to show your support by re-posting it. Everyone does and before you know it, that message is all you see on social networks. It really makes you realize how much action people actually take now that we are so much better informed.

On March 5, 2012, one of the biggest activist callings since Occupy Wall Street happened. A group called Invisible Children released an internet video depicting the Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony. I don’t need to tell you the rest because everyone was posting about it and sharing the video with comments like “MAKE KONY FAMOUS!!”. Every news organization was talking about it. Even big name celebrities are on this one. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Jay-Z, Mark Zuckerberg, Ryan Seacrest and Ellen DeGeneres are all calling to the end of Kony’s reign of terror. In order to do this, Invisible Children wants all supporters to participate in an event called “Cover the Night” by posting signs in your neighborhoods, handing out stickers, wearing shirts. Anything that will let everyone know that we care and that Kony needs to be stopped. I know this because this message is very clear in the viral video everyone so passionately posted. To stop Kony we must MAKE KONY VISIBLE!

Everyone did their part and participated in phase 1 by posting the event on all their social networks. But now it’s time for phase 2. SO LET’S DO THIS!! LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE! LET’S “COVER THE NIGHT”!

But wait a minute. The date for “Cover the Night” was April 20th, 2012 which makes us a month late. I’ve seen 1 sticker.

Justice for Elderly Florida Couple

Elderly couple Elain and David McClain are living in fear due to the actions of Marcus Davonne Higgins and director Spike Lee. On March 23, 2012, Marcus Davoone Higgins of Los Angeles, California Tweeted the address for a “George W. Zimmerman” with the message “Everybody repost this.”

Director Spike Lee did just that and re-tweeted the address to his 240,000 followers. Problem is, instigators Higgins and Lee didn’t realize there is more then one George Zimmerman in the world and now the 70 year old Elain and her husband are living in fear due to letters being sent to them. Elaines son William contacted Higgins asking him to stop using his mother’s address which Higgins responded, “Black power all day. No justice, no peace”.

The elderly couple have had to go into hiding in fear that they’re lives may be in danger due to the public uproar over the Zimmerman/Martin shooting.Elaine has a heart condition and at her age can’t afford the unnecessary and undeserved stress. It wasn’t until the heat of the media coverage did Higgins drop the tough guy act and apologize, now tweeting mostly nothing more then “God Bless” and “Amen” as if hiding behind religion will make up for his thoughtless endangerment of the McClains. But who is going to pay the financial loss the McClains endured due to Higgins hateful actions? Actions speak louder then words.

Still no word from Spike Lee.

UPDATE (03/28/2012): At approximately 7pm pst, Spike Lee has admitted negligence by apologizing on his twitter page. But still no word on who will make up for the financial hardship forced upon the McClains due to Spikes conscience decision to place innocent victims in harms way. Pretty hypocritical for someone who’s production company is named after a policy that intended to award people for unjust actions forced upon them. MLK is truly spinning in his grave.

Curvy vs. Healthy

This picture has been circulating the internet lately and has brought up the debate over “curvy” or healthy body types. As in most cases when extremists are tying to prove their point, the picture exaggerates their argument. In this case they unfairly picked a woman who appears far too skinny next to one of Americas most beloved sex symbols. It’s as if I were to post this:

Now I’m not a fan of Angelina Jolie but most of America is. That alone is enough for people to pick her over the “curvy” girl. But lets take it a step further. How about comparing Marylin to Marylin. Don’t forget she wasn’t always the “curvy” blond everyone reminisces about. She was once Norma Jean Baker, a much thinner redhead.

Some people are bigger framed and there is nothing wrong with that. I know plenty of big framed women who still don’t look like they put a Home Town Buffet out of business in one sitting. They may be taller and broader girls but they still have the self respect to care not only about their appearance but their health. Lets face it. Most girls who call themselves “curvy” are the same girls trying to lose weight so they can fit in that dress for a special occasion. If they were happy with their curves wouldn’t they just alter a dress to fit those curves rather then alter their body to fit the dress.

As I’ve said in most of my articles, what it really comes down to is self responsibility. Far too often fat girls are using the term “curvy” as a self esteem booster so they don’t feel the need to get off their lazy ass and get in shape. And like most undisciplined people, they don’t face the real issue until something big happens like a wedding or a breakup. Only then do they get off the couch, put down the remote, turn off the internet and start getting active. This leads to burning calories which leads to losing those “curves” which leads to new opportunities until they get comfortable again and they go right back to being “curvy”. And that’s the point.

Romance novels and movies are filled with imagery of couples doing romantic things like taking long walks on beaches, swimming in an exotic crystal clear ocean, having a silly snowball fight at a romantic cabin get away. But how do you expect to do these things when you’re out of breath just getting yourself to stand up. That’s unattractive. I’m sure people love them for their personality but who really wants to spend the rest of their life with someone whose only physical activity is getting fat. Knowing that your loved one might die at any moment because they refuse to not take that fifteenth trip to the buffet line is another big turn off. Most people like to know they’re gonna have a long life together.

And like I’ve said before, when men say “curves” they mean tits and ass. If that was true, strip clubs would be filled with plus size models. Sports Illustrated’s swim suit edition would look a whole lot different and the Cacique models would be all the rage instead of Victoria’s Secret models. But more body mass usually means more breast tissue which usually means bigger breasts. I’d be willing to bet that flat chested healthy girls are getting laid more then flat chested fat girls.

Its not just Hollywood that has branded in our brains that big is bad. It’s history. Don’t forget our ancestors didn’t have the luxuries we have today. Everything they did required physical activity and that kept them in shape. Maybe not supermodel thin but a lot thinner then most Americans today and definitely thinner then blond Marylin Monroe.

I have no problem with fat people  who are truly comfortable with being fat. Sure I’m not attractive to them and probably would never date a fat person but that’s just as wrong as someone never wanting to go out with me for my physical appearance. Everyone has their tastes and interests and I respect that. But it disgusts me when people use excuses to cover up their insecurities. A monkey in a suit is still a monkey. Well calling a fat girl curvy doesn’t mean she isn’t fat. If you’re fine with being fat that’s fine, but if you’re not do something about it. But stop blaming society, Hollywood, sexism, fast food or anything other then yourself for letting yourself get that way. It’s your fault you can’t fit in that dress. It’s your fault your left standing in line at the clubs. It’s your fault you don’t fit in theatre or airplane seats. It’s your fault your boyfriends or husbands drool over “healthy” body types. It’s your fault that guy still wont leave his healthy girlfriend for you even after you slept with him. Grow up and stop sounding like a little kid telling their parents that the dog ate their homework. You’re not fooling anyone other then other fat people by calling yourself curvy. And most of all, stop attacking healthy people for having the discipline and self respect you don’t.


New Green Day Album’s Focus Announced

Ah, Green Day. What can you say about them? Well I can say that I like them so a new album being announced is good news to me. What of the focus though? Their last albums have been politically focused, will it be this time too? Nope, they’re taking a different approach this time.

Instead of being political they have decided to take the Fall Out Boy route and go sexual. I’m not even kidding. green day announced that the songs will all be about sex.

For the record the Fall Out Boy thing wasn’t a joke either. Take a look at Infinity on High or From Under the Cork Tree and pick out the songs that don’t mention sex somewhere. I can only find a few. That’s probably one of the reasons I like them so much though, so no issues with them there.

That’s about it, Green Day’s next album will be about sex. There is concern about whether or not it will got through and I admit myself a little wary at the fact that they announced it. Most rock songs involve sex, but they don’t market those aspects of it. Probably a major reason I like rock so much.

So it’ll be interesting to say the least.

Gaga To Cameo in MIB III

The last Men in Black movie had the late Michael Jackson in it as a celebrity cameo. MIB III boasts more celebrities, Lady Gaga among them.

This kind of series is the type where things like this would happen so I’m not surprised. Nor do i really take issue with it, Cameos can be pretty funny. Take Bruce Cambell’s cameo’s in the Spider-man movies, funny stuff.

Er, the old ones I mean.

Gaga is an interesting choice for a cameo I think. I mean it makes sense, she’s very popular and loves weird stuff. What is she going to be doing in the movie though? I hope it’s not a shameless plug for a political agenda and just something short, sweet, and funny.

Well no way to tell until the flick comes out, so time will tell I suppose.

Sex and the City Prequel.

I will admit that I have seen all episodes of Sex and the City. When I was younger I quite liked the show. I don’t hate it now, but there is a lot I can live without and only a few things are funny to me now.

I don’t think it’s a show that is absolutely awful that is doesn’t deserve its fame. There is a charm to it, but I have grown more snobbish over the years so i am difficult to please, I will admit. The movies on the other hand are just horrible; I can’t stand them.

Surpisingly the second one was better, despite the premise almost being worse.

Back to this prequel business though. Apparently the author wrote another book called The Carrie Diaries, talking about the main character before she moved to the city and all the shenanigans ensued. So basically Carrie Bradshaw, but in High School.



Carrie, in my opinion, was the worst part of that show. The charm of the series is the conclusion where they all get their men and they live happily ever after until the movies came along. Why would we care about what happened before she moved to the city?

It just doesn’t sound all that appealing to me I guess. Well it’s going to air on CW eventually, fans of the show look out for it I guess.

Oscar Impressions

This year I wasn’t expecting much from the Academy this year and watched the show in order to mock it. Much to my surprise I did not mind the awards that much this year. Everything seemed deserved in terms of awards and I only had one issue.

Well two, I was expecting it to be funnier. My main complaint was that in the montage of celebrating movies Twlight was a clip in there, and Justin beiber cameoed and they tried to make him seem cool. I was with my friend and was being immature during the show while watching, but really? I’m shaking my head and just accepting it now, but still.

The Cique du soleil performance was honestly not too bad. It was weird and barely made sense in terms of context and theme, but I can appreciate the work that went into it. The Muppets actually ended up introducing the Cirque performace, Chris Rock presented Best Animated. I’m not sure why Tin Tin wasn’t a nominee, but Rango is a good movie from what I can tell so that’s a no brainer.

Hugo won a lot and it certrainly looks interesting and I admit myself curious. The Artist seemed like the best film, so that’s fair.  Harry Potter needs recognition for effects and make up though, come on guys. Don’t lump the Harry Potter series with Twilight, these are actually good movies made with intelligence.

Certain parties may get upset about the lack of recogniton for their Lord's evil make up after all.

In the end I don’t have too much to complain about really. So that’s another Academy Awards Ceremony down, we’ll see what happens next year when Oscar turns 85.