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Herman W. Lang, One Of Hitler’s Spys in the United States Before And During World War II!

by flcfmenterprises

FBI file photo Herman W. Lang went to the United States from Germany in 1927 and became a citizen in 1939. He was one of the four people Sebold had been told to contact in the United States.

Until his arrest, Lang had been employed by the Carl L. Norden Corp. which manufactured the Top Secret Norden bombsight and other highly confidential materials essential to the national defense of the United States. The Norden had been considered a critical wartime instrument by the United States Army Air Forces and American bombardiers were required to take an oath during their training stating that they would defend its secret with their own life, if needed.

During a visit to Germany in 1938, Lang conferred with German military authorities and reconstructed plans of the confidential materials from memory. It is perhaps because of Lang that the bombsight instruments used by Luftwaffe bombers during the war were fairly similar to the United States’ Norden bombsight. The Lotfernrohr 3 and the BZG 2 in 1942 used a similar set of gyroscopes that provided a stabilized platform for the bombardier to sight through, although the more complex interaction between the bombsight and autopilot was not used. Later in the war, Luftwaffe bombers used the Carl Zeiss Lotfernrohr 7, or Lotfe 7, which had an advanced mechanical system similar to the Norden bombsight, but was much simpler to operate and maintain.

Upon conviction, Lang received a sentence of 18 years in prison on espionage charges and a two-year concurrent sentence under the Registration Act.

by Fred of FLCFM Enterprises