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63 Year Old Wrestler “Epic MMA Guy” Beats Up Thug

by designzone

Punks that prey on children and the elderly need a beat down. They need more than a beat down. A crowbar to the head is more appropriate. Sometimes the cowardly punks pick on the wrong old people; you’ve probably heard about the legendary Youtube sensation, “Epic Beard Man” who gives a younger thug a lesson in manners on a transit bus.  Fred Kemp, who is 63 and stands 5 foot 7 inches could be called “Epic MMA Man”.

Epic MMA Man

Epic MMA Man

Fred Kemp was a wrestler for Hofstra University back in the day. He had plenty of experience on the mat, but he never got the opportunity to use his skills in the real world… that is, until last Thursday. Fred and his wife were minding their own business when a pathetic bad guy with a pellet gun surprised the couple in Boynton Beach. A pellet gun? How pathetic is that? And targeting old folks?

The old guy didn’t know that it wasn’t a real gun. Sometimes those pellet guns look pretty real, don’t they? Reportedly, Fred stated that “‘He started to hit me, so I reacted from there,’ a bruised but smiling Kemp said Friday. ‘I got him out into the street and held his arm. I foot-sweeped him down and I was trying to get a hold of the gun. He banged me up a little bit but my main concern was the gun.’” (Yahoo Sports)

The wrestling training paid off. Mr. Kemp pulled off a move that is rarely seen in real life, but seen almost every time you see a UFC match. Kemp used the old reliable rear naked choke to subdue the punk and to hold him until the cops arrived. The cowardly punk actually asked Kemp to let him go! Of course, Fred Kemp refused to let the bad guy go, probably sparing other elderly victims.

The bad guy was weak minded and made the mistake of thinking that Kemp was an easy mark. Surprise, surprise! You lame thugs shouldn’t be messing with old people in the first place. Last time it was Epic Beard man fighting back; this time it’s Epic MMA Man. Watch out losers! Your ass might just get owned by the next Epic old guy (or gal)!

by DesignZone